Our 2016 robot, Nautilus, was made to score points by breaching defenses and shooting boulders into the high goal.


•  6 wheel tank drive
•  8″ pneumatic wheels
•  5 ft/second in low gear
•  15 ft/second in high gear


•  Flywheel powered by Mini-CIM geared 4:3
•  Encoder speed control for harder/softer shots
•  Articulating hood tilts up/down to get any shot trajectory
•  Automatic vision tracking enables the turret to lock onto the goal and shoot with the right power


•  Articulated via two BAG motors through 150:1 gearboxes
•  PID loop controls position for intaking boulders, resting, and going over obstacles
•  Roller geometry allows for boulders to be picked up from multiple directions