The entire CAD team has migrated to doing mechanical. People have been working on building parts all week. We have made significant progress in the intake, climber, shooter, and index. There are wheels on the drivetrain.

Momen inspecting drivetrain
Max V watching over X-Carve
Cal working on shooter
Intake frame
Emily working on climber
Bert working on drivetrain
Mounting index and climber to the drivetrain

Programming and electrical have become one. A lot of work is being done on the electrical board. Vision is almost done and they just need a drivetrain to test it, but the drivetrain still only has two wheels.

Egan and Liam drilling holes in the electrical board
Egan and some wires

The Chairman’s team has started to plan for their video. They have created a shot list and questions for the people they plan to interview. They are going to start filming next week.

Kevin and Max R working on Chairman's
David, Max R, and Mateo doing some more Chairman's

Test Run is happening the week after, on the 29th. Visitors should come around noon and leave at around 3. Along with a few other teams, we will be testing our robot on a half-field and developing strategy for competition.