We have started building our actual robot!

Waterjetted pieces just came in this week, which means the CAD team has started building each of their respective subsystems. There are some more parts that we have ordered and are waiting for them to come in. A lot of progress is being made on the robot now.
Our annual Test Run event is in about three weeks. Our goal is to have our robot built by then so we can talk to other teams about game strategy and test our robot on a real field. We have been reaching out to other teams as to whether or not they would like to attend. Along those lines, we would also like to have our shirts done by the event so there are a few people working on making that.
The Chairman’s team has submitted their final draft! They have been working tirelessly all week to finish the essay in time for the deadline. They ended up submitting at around 4am. They are now starting to brainstorm ideas for a visual presentation. Congrats!
Programming is still going at it. “I mean, we’re getting closer and we’ll probably be done by the time the robot is done.” There is also work being done on the electrical board.