As Week 4 is coming to an end, I can say that the robot is finally done in CAD and I now have the renders to prove it.

Shooter and Index

Programming is still focused a lot on vision. They have been doing some electrical work as to using Raspberry Pi and wiring that up to the camera. A little bit of electrical is being finished up in CAD. The biggest problem right now might be figuring out which side is the front of the robot. Is it the shooter? Is it the intake? The climber? I guess we’ll never know.

Egan and Liam sorting through electrical
Students in the shop
Ethan fixing gear boxes

Mechanical is starting to cut parts to start building the robot. We are waiting on pieces to be sent back so we can start building. Someone broke the X-Carve yesterday, so we are waiting on that to be fixed. Pieces are still coming back from waterjetting. Most of the work is just being done on the frame of the robot.

Chairman’s is making a lot of progress on their essay. They have been constantly revising and finishing up their final draft. Within the next few weeks they will be starting on a visual presentation and possibly making a video.

Elizabeth, Mikhail, Max R, Riley, and David working on Chairman's submission

By next week hopefully we will have started building the actual robot. We are already more than halfway through the season.

Happy birthday to our mentor, Nic!


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