The season is about halfway done!

CAD has been working all week trying to get the robot done. The shooter prototype broke, so we’ve decided to redesign the entire thing. “CAD is always 95% done,” says our lead CAD person, “Don’t say 97%, because that implies we did something and then had to go back.”

Mechanical has started to build the drivetrain because that’s about the only thing that is finalized right now. We’ve placed orders for parts and the water jet parts are ready to be cut. Once CAD is finished we will start building the actual robot.

John and Brian at the bandsaw
A group of people working on drivetrain

All of the field elements are done! The generator switch is in our main work area and it takes up a lot of space.

Ethan and Ellis measuring the generator switch

Chairman’s finished their short answers and are polling for what their presentation theme should be. They have decided on a tree visual.

Maia, David, Max R, and Fiona brainstorm ideas for Chairman's visual

Programming has been moving along with vision. They have worked out the math and taken references for the reflective tape.

Photo taken with green LEDs and medium exposure
Photo taken with green LEDs and low exposure

We submitted an entry for the Digital Animation award. We wanted to get the CAD done by this week, but that hasn’t really happened yet. It would be good if we could finish it by next week and maybe start building the robot.

Also, we got a wedding cake B)

Momen cuts wedding cake as Riley looks on