Week 2 has gone by, but not without some weather interruptions. Last week’s Saturday meeting was cancelled due to snow. This week’s meeting hasn’t been cancelled yet, but there is at least five inches of snow on the ground right now and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

Snow outside of our hackerspace

The CAD team has worked throughout the week to finish modeling the robot. The drivetrain and intake are done and now they are working on index and climber.

The climber mechanism has been switched up multiple times. CAD plans to have the robot completely done modeling by the end of the week on Saturday, so that there is enough time to purchase parts and actually build the robot.

Max, Owen, and Momen research CAD ideas
Momen and Max brainstorm for CAD

Shooter prototyping has been on and off. We spent a good amount of time testing shooting angles and distances from the power port. Intake is being worked on with smaller mecanum wheels this time. Now there is a problem with accidentally grabbing two power cells at once and jamming the intake system.

Ethan and Egan test shooter prototype by attaching it to a drivetrain
Emily, Mateo, Nic, and Liam test reflective tape and camera settings

Programming is continuously working on vision. They have gotten their hands on the vision camera and attached a bright green light to it. The camera is supposed to recognize when the light is reflecting off the tape and be able to line up the robot shooter.

We have about half of a new field element. The power port is done so we are able to test our shooter mechanism and now we are building the generator switch. There is a lot of wood and everything smells like sawdust all the time.

Our workspace
John, Caleb, and Jiamu help build field elements
Caleb stands next to finished field element

The Chairman’s team has submitted their short answers. They are working on visuals and essay themes next. We are continuing to work on CAD and prototyping.