Week 1 has gone by pretty quickly! The entire team has been hard at work on our robot design process.

After the kick-off meeting, we split off into smaller groups, so each group could work on designing a different part of the robot. Our priorities were the shooter and intake, with the drivetrain being partly completed before the season even began. As of Week 1, we have a prototype for the shooter mechanism. Once the field elements are done, we will be able to test for shooting angles more thoroughly.
Intake has also got along pretty far. We have 3D printed mecanum wheels which would push the power cells to the center before going into the center of the robot. This would eliminate the need for a hopper and save space for other mechanisms inside the robot.
The drivetrain is almost done in CAD. The mechanical team will start building the final version within the next week or two. Both the climber and spinner have teams working on them, but they are lower priority than other parts, so they are still in prototyping at the moment.
Programming is working on vision. They are going to mount a camera onto the shooter so it is like a turret, and we will be able to see where we are shooting when our robot is an entire field length away. Chairman’s is almost done with short answers, and they will be starting on the visual soon. A video script is in the making by the Chairman’s team as a video presentation. Field elements are almost done, thanks to help from our mentor, Nic Fouts, and we got a cool new loft for storing wood thanks to help from our other mentor, Brian Rossman.
Our main focus next week is going to be building the drivetrain and getting the robot into CAD. We would like to be done with the drivetrain and at least 50% of CAD by then.