We hosted our kick-off event last weekend, on the 4th of January. The team met officially for the first time and we watched the livestream together in the morning. A group of students were sent to Waukesha to collect our Kit Of Parts and advertise Test Run, an event we are hosting later in the year.

After the game reveal, the team split off into smaller groups to look through the game manual and talk about strategy. We brainstormed what basic processes our robot should be able to do, and what goals we should focus on. There was a heated debate about whether the robot should shoot power cells into the top goal or dump power cells into the bottom goal.

The plan for next meeting is to develop more ideas, and start prototyping. Programming is thinking about working on a vision camera, while Chairman’s is steadily getting more short answers done. We have a lot of new students this year, and it will be a lively and vibrant season ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Students watching opening presentation
Egan introducing the season
Lunch break with Maia, Claire, and Elizabeth
Team photo!
David, Kevin, and Max R working on Chairman's
Taking inventory of the Kit of Parts