Our 2019 Robot is Janus and it's name is due to its 'two faces'. One side is the Hatchtake and the other side is the Cargotake. 


  • Quick Cargotake that can pick-up from ground and the Loading Station

  • Self-centering Hatchtake that grabs on tightly

  • Fast driving built for many continuous cycles

  • Vision programs to center hatch placing

Cargotake Specs:

  • 3, 4” green compliant wheels and 2, 4” V2 omni wheels

  • Dual bag motors to raise arm to cargo-placing heights

  • Durable polycarbonate and aluminum frame

Drivetrain Specs:

  • 6 Wheel AndyMark 14U4 Long Chasis

  • 6 high grip, durable wheels meant for driving off Level 2 HAB

  • 2 Toughbox Mini Gearboxes to house 4 CIMs

Hatchtake Specs:

  • Pneumatic actuating hooks to grab hatches

  • Pneumatic actuating rods to place/grab outside frame perimeter

  • Custom X-Carved and Water jetted hooks and plates for ideal grabbing