FRC 2018 Weeks 5 & 6

The last two weeks of build season were incredibly busy. On the robot side, we were able to get our bellypan and elevator gussets (the pieces that hold the frame together) cut by a waterjet. Thankyou sponsors! The mechanical team took all of those parts and riveted them together resulting in a completed drivebase and an elevator. They then worked to build the intake and get that attached to the elevator.

The electrical team attached all of the electronics to the electronics board and got that attached to the robot. They updated the firmware on the motor controllers as well as the roboRIO to ensure compatibility.

Our team also hosted 2018 Testrun with the help of Isthmus Engineering. We brought all of our field elements over to Isthmus Engineering's warehouse and had the opportunity to test our robot along with other FRC teams. It was a really great event and we were really happy to work with the other teams.

Chairmans has finished the essays and submitted them. They have now started to practice for the presentation as well as brainstorm for the visual aid.

On 2/20/2018, we bagged up the competition robot. We won't be able to work on it until our first regional competition. We are now starting to work on the practice robot and hope to have it finished in the next two weeks.

2018 Week 5 & 6

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