FRC 2018 Week 4

Over the past week, we have finished the second set of gearboxes and continued to work on the CAD model of our robot. The programming team has begun to work on the autonomous code. Our main priority for autonomous mode is to place a cube on the switch and cross the auto line to get the ranking point.

We have also worked more on our cube intake and its integration with the rest of the robot. We plan to use pneumatic cylinders to drop our intake. It must start up so that it will be inside frame perimeter. 

The electrical team soldered CAN connectors onto all of our Talon SRX motor controllers. Those will all go onto our robots and run various motors ( drive train, elevator, etc.) With the large elevator on our robot, we don't have as much space for electronics on the bellypan. For this reason, we will be putting them on a separate platform somewhere else on the robot.

The whole team has been working on our chairmans and woodie flowers submissions. We have decided on a main theme and have been incorporating it into our essay and short answer responses. We plan to build a visual presentation element in the coming weeks to assist in the chairmans presentation.

2018 Week 4