FRC 2018 Week 3

This week, we have continued to work on our main drive train. Unfortunately, the gearboxes that we had hoped to use have gone out of stock so we are going to create our own. We cut spacers and have built one set of gearboxes. We also attached all of the hubs to our drive wheels so that they can be added to the drive train as soon as it's ready. The frame is nearing completion and is only missing bearing blocks and the gearboxes.

We have been working really hard to finish the CAD for our cube intake as this will be a very important part of the robot. The fourth revision is just about finished and we hope to finish it next week.

Another part of our robot this season is the climber. Currently, we are working on the hooks that will attach to the climbing bar. Our first model was cut out on the X-Carve and worked really well. For the second version, we are going to add latches to help prevent us from swinging on the bar.

Side ramps (for lifting other robots) are still being discussed but the team seems to be leaning towards not including them because of the added complexity. One of our big goals for this season was to be simple!

2018 Week 3